01 February 2017

1th February 2017

Pension Auto enrolment your STAGING DATE! What is it?

This email is intended to provide helpful guidance to Taxsense Accountants Limited clients in relation to the new pension regulations and how to apply them if you are an employer. This guidance note is providing helpful guidance if you are a sole director of a Limited Company.

If you are a Taxsense Accountants Limited Payroll client, then we will be providing your staging date for you.

The Pension Act 2008 requires every business to offer its employees a pension.

Find out more: http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/en/employers

Taxsense Accountants Limited provide FREE guidance to our clients

We are offering all our Taxsense Accountants Limited clients free guidance.

That free guidance includes:

  1. Before your staging date
  2. At your staging date
  3. After your staging date

What’s your staging date?

We can also provide you with your Pension Auto Enrolment Staging date. The staging date is the date when you must have a pension plan in place.

If you don’t know your staging date, then you can obtain it from the pension regulator: http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/staging-date.aspx

Helpbox Tip:

To obtain your staging date you will need your HMRC employer reference number.


email connorhoulden@helpboxuk.com or telephone Rachel Labercombe 023 9238 8003.

If you need helpful guidance in regards to your responsibilities as an employer in relation to the new pension regulations, please email connorhoulden@helpboxuk.com or telephone Rachel Labercombe on 02392388003.

We are here to help.