21 March 2017

As you are aware the tax year ends on the 5th April.

So that we can prepare your tax return in good time for the filing deadline and give you advance warning of any tax you are due to pay or speed up any repayment claims please forward the information for the tax return as soon after the 5th April as possible and also complete the following form so we have all the information we require.

1. Name
2. DOB
3. Do you have a student loan Yes/No
a. If yes do you think this loan will be fully repaid within the next 2 years Yes/No
4. If your total income exceeds £50,000 and you or your partner receive child benefit, please provide:
a. the total amount of child benefit received during the tax year £…….
b. How many children you received child benefit for …….
5. Bank Interest (Excluding ISA’s) – please provide interest statements or complete the following:

Bank Account Number Total Interest received

6. If you received any dividends from companies other the companies, we deal with on your behalf please complete the following:

Company Name Dividend Received Date Received

7. State Pension – please provide the total pension received during the tax year: £….
8. State Benefits – if you have received any state benefits during the year please provide details of the type of benefit and the total received (examples include Incapacity benefit, jobseekers allowance, state pension lump sums etc)
9. Private Pensions – if you received income from any private pensions please provide the P60’s for the year.
10. Private pension contributions – if you contributed to any pensions other than a work place pension please provide details of the pension company and the total contributions made
11. Charitable donations – provide details of the name of charity and amount contributed
12. Marriage allowance – if you wish to make a claim please provide:
a. Spouses full name
b. Spouses NINO
c. Spouses DOB
d. Date of marriage
13. If you haven’t paid enough tax and are employed on the provision your tax return is filed by the 31/12/17 you have the option to request the tax due is included in your tax code in the 2018/19 tax year. Please indicate if your preference is to:
a. Have unpaid tax included in tax code Yes/No
b. Make payment of underpaid tax by 31/01/18 Yes/No
14. If you have overpaid tax, please provide the following details for HMRC to send the refund (unless you have an arrangement where your fees are paid from any refund):
a. Name of Bank
b. Account Holder Name
c. Sort Code
d. Account Number
15. Employed Yes/No– Please provide P60’s or P45’s
a. Did you receive any employment benefits such as company car, medical insurance etc? Yes/No
i. If Yes, please provide your P11D
16. Self-Employment Yes/No– please provide your accounts information (full information will be requested separately)
17. Partnerships Yes/No– please provide your accounts information (full information will be requested separately) or if we do not prepare the accounts a breakdown of the figures to be included.
18. Property Income Yes/No – Please provide details of:
a. Property address
b. Gross Rental Income
c. Agent Fees
d. Mortgage Interest
e. Insurances Paid
f. Repairs and renewal costs
g. Any other costs associated with the property.
19. Foreign Income Yes/No – please provide full detail
20. Income from Trusts Yes/No – if yes please provide full details
21. Capital Gains – If you have disposed of any assets which would need to be considered on a tax return please let us know so we can provide a quote.
22. Any other information – Please provide details of anything else which you may deem to be relevant to your tax return: