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Contact Manager


The contact manager tool allows you to save the contact details of your customers and suppliers. Incredibly the vast majority of businesses do not store this information, despite its value to the business.

By maintaining accurate records of customers you are able to promote your business further to people you already know have an interest in your products or services.

The contact manager tool allows you store a variety of details about your customers and suppliers to allow you to easily access and contact them at a later date.

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If used in conjunction with some of our marketing tools the contact manager can become a powerful tool for increasing your businesses sales. Our bolt on marketing products allow you to use the contact manager to produce Mail merges and Email campaigns directly through the system without any of the hassle normally associated with those tasks.

As well as managing your customers the contact manager also allows you to keep accurate records of your suppliers, putting an end to searching through the internet to find out who you bought something from.

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