07 April 2020

Originally local authorities were telling business owners that there wouldn’t be a form to claim this and instead LA rates departments would administer the Grants based upon their existing records. We have now found that some LA’s have instead published forms on their websites and are expecting potential claimants to make a claim. We all need to learn from this experience and not rely fully upon what these departments are telling us, we need to remain positive but sceptical.

How to claim the grant funding from your Local Authority Business Rate department

From our understanding you should visit the website of your Local Authority (Council).

Many are now publishing forms which must be completed to claim the grant. Look at our other blogs to see who is eligible for these grants.

Below are 3 LA’s who have published forms, others will have but we haven’t the resources to check. We suggest you start checking:

Fareham Council –


Portsmouth City Council –


Southampton City Council –


If you come under any other councils we suggest you check their websites as soon as possible. You might search Business rate relief grants [name of your local council] any issues please email info@helpboxuk.com