26 March 2020

Please note that although HMRC have implemented deferments and time to pay arrangements for taxes the statutory filing deadlines for Accounts, VAT, PAYE, CIS and machines games duty have not changed. You should therefore do your best to meet these deadlines.

We are still providing a full range of services, so please ensure you get your accounting information to us in good time, so that we can prepare those accounts/tax returns in order to meet the statutory deadlines. Wherever possible please send your information into us digitally preferably including a CSV version of your bank statements downloaded from online banking. We will also be maintaining a skeleton presence at the office to process paper records received.

Please send any electronic documents to Info@helpboxuk.com 

In the event that you do not think you will be able to meet any deadlines please let us know in good time so we can advise on how best to proceed.