13 April 2021

Please note that the new annual Taxsense Accountants Tax Investigations Service (TIS) period begins on 1st May 2021. As a result of recent investigation activity by the tax authorities, we are personally recommending that you subscribe to membership of the service this year. We have noted that you are not currently protected by the service. For more information about our tax investigation service please see our Tax Investigations information leaflet.

The investigation process can be extremely stressful as you are required to ‘prove your innocence’ to the Inspector. It is not unheard of for an enquiry to last several years and we regularly see Inspectors trawling through not only the business records but also personal expenditure such as grocery shopping, holidays and car expenses to identify potential discrepancies. Personal tax clients are not immune either as the tax authorities regularly select individuals for investigation based on its view that they have ‘the means to pay’.

Regardless of your circumstances, this work is extremely technical and will require significant time by a tax expert in order to resolve the matter with the Inspector. Disappointingly, HMRC does not consider your costs when conducting its investigations. Even a basic tax enquiry can result in £6,500 of professional fees.

The service includes the following benefits:

  1. Fee Protection Insurance – In the event of a HMRC tax investigation into your business you will receive full representation and cover for accounting fees up to the value of £125,000.
  2. Access to the Markel Law Hub – This gives you access to hundreds of template documents, contracts and policies as well as straight forward guides on a whole array of business issues.
  3. Business Legal Helpline – This 24 hour helpline is manned by a team of qualified business solicitors.

If you would like to find out more about this membership please don’t hesitate to contact Jay (Jay@helpboxuk.com).

Markel Law Hub

Please see below some information on a Markel Law Hub, a new service available as part of our Tax Investigation Service provided by Markel Tax. The Markel law hub is included in the TIS membership. Normally £189  per annum, we are pleased to offer this in our TIS membership price at no additional cost for 2021/22.

Law hub provides a extensive support for many business legal issues. The free helpline includes HR and legal disputes.

Markel Law offer a Law hub which allows members access to:

  • 800+ Contracts, policies, forms and letter templates
  • 460+ Straight Forward Guides
  • 350+ Links to key resources
  • Up-to-date information on new legislation and case-law

The Markel Law Hub alone normally costs £189 per annum. We are excited to offer this solution in conjunction with our annual Tax Investigations Scheme (TIS) which offers our clients:

  • Full Representation in the event of a HMRC tax investigation (Leaflet Here)
    • Fee Protection for up to £125,000 in accounting fees
  • Access to the Markel Law Hub
  • Access to a 24 hour Business legal helpline provided by a team of qualified solicitors

Obtain a TIS Fee quote

To obtain a bespoke fee quote to meet your specific business needs please contact Jay-Jorja Slack on by email Jay@helpboxuk.com. We will then prepare a TIS fee quote based upon the information we have on file. Please note Law hub can’t be purchased separately to TIS membership.