31 March 2015


As you should be aware CIS needs to be reported to HMRC on a
monthly basis. Either through the filing of CIS monthly returns if you have
subcontractors or through the payroll submission if you are a Limited Company
who has suffered CIS. Sole Traders who suffer CIS will continue to reclaim it
on their Self Assessment Tax Returns.


If we file your CIS monthly returns please ensure you are
providing the information as soon after the 6th of each month as
possible and definitely before the 19th as HMRC are particularly hot
on late filing in this area. If you file your own monthly returns please send
us a summary at the end of the PAYE year of the CIS you have deducted each
month during that year.


For Limited Companies who suffer CIS we need details of any
deductions again between the 6th and the 19th of each
month for the preceding month so we can file the information with HMRC on a
monthly basis. It is particularly important that we have all details of CIS
suffered between 6th April 2014 and 5th April 2015 by 12th
April 2015 as the payroll final submission for the year is your only
opportunity to reclaim this CIS.