27 July 2016

Just a quick reminder that if you have monthly paid employees and you haven’t provided your monthly hours or pay details to us for July 2016, we need to have these by 3pm on 29th July 2016.

How to submit your information

·         By phone – 02392 388003

·         By Email – payroll@taxsense.co.uk

Why you need to provide the hours:

Complying with HMRC regulations

RTI (real time information)

All employers who pay their staff, need to submit a full payment submission to

HMRC to declare each individuals pay, National Insurance and tax for each pay period

This is so that HMRC can keep up to date and accurate records of each individual.
How our payroll works:

Once you have sent in your pay details to us we can begin to process the payslips for your employees.
We will input the pay data onto our system so that any National Insurance and Tax can be deducted accordingly
When we are happy that all the figures are correct, we can then issue your payslips so that your staff can be paid with the correct net figures.

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