21 November 2016

If you’ve had your tax credit payments wrongly stopped by the troubled contractor Concentrix, it’s possible to appeal and get backdated payments. If this applies to you then please contact us to obtain free guidance.

HMRC says those who’ve had their tax credits stopped will have their cases prioritized and processed as quickly as possible.

Who are Concentrix?

They are the company who HMRC outsourced the tax credits process to. Concentrix have got things badly wrong and they have built up massive delays in their systems, and have wrongly stopped lots of peoples tax credit claims.

HMRC have now terminated the contract with Concentrix.

This is a terrible situation which has led to incredible hardship for many people including the self-employed. We know some of our customers have been affected by this. In fact one particular client was furious with us, wrongly thinking we hadn’t done our job. Despite our best efforts we could persuade Concentrix they had got it wrong. Instead of listening to us they just kept telling us the information on their system was correct and we were wrong. We knew what they were saying wasn’t true and know HMRC have realized the same.

There are stories of distraught people having to ring Concentrix 67 times in one day and still not getting the issue sorted. Some of the things Concentrix were saying to her included “We aren’t answering queries today!”

HMRC has now taken over all new tax credit checks and appeals.

If you have a tax credit problem please get in touch by calling on 02392 388003 or email Rachel at rachel@helpboxuk.com