05 March 2015

Don’t be scared of an accountant who uses technology.
Technology used properly helps for a smooth and efficient operation. Efficiency
usually means cost savings. The smart accountant passes on those savings to
their customers.

Read what the Whistle blower has said on local accountants.
[For those that don’t know “the accountant whistle blower” is an accountant who
works in an accountancy practice and blogs about everyday accounting issues.]

Smart communication technology has changed the playing field
for everyone. The self employed trades person and business people use Smart
technology to communicate. Yet it never ceases to amaze me that they let accountants getting away with operating
in the dark ages
. I often ask myself and my colleagues this question.

There are many reasons, and one of the main is that most of
the accountants that deal with small businesses; by small I mean trades people
and businesses with less than £500,000 annual turnover; actually don’t know how
to use Smart technology.

However they do know, and what scares them, is that to
become Smart tech savvy involves learning new skills and spending shed-loads of
money on hi-tech equipment. “Why bother
doing that
” they say. “When small business people are still flocking to us
without offering smarter services”. 

And that’s a really good point. They are partly right when
they blame their clients, for not
making them change. The people that can change the market are the small
business owners and they can do so by leaving
the old low value model of accountant
and choosing an accountant who talks
to them on Face book and video link. That will allow live chat. All things that
small business people do in everyday life.

Small businesses
owners do want Smarter accountants
, its just that you tend not to find
those kinds of accountants on the local high street (don’t get me started on
the one man jack or Jackie cure all accountant).  The Smart tech savvy accountant tends to be
drawn to big business the £5million turnover 250 employee type businesses. The
ordinary Joe trades person who works for a living or the new start-up get to
choose an accountant from the dregs remaining in the bottom of the barrel.
Harsh but true.