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Annual Confirmation Statements: A Small Business Owner’s Guide

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Annual Confirmation Statements: A Small Business Owner’s Guide

As a small business owner in the UK, you’re no stranger to the multitude of responsibilities that come with managing your enterprise. From serving customers to handling finances, every aspect of your business requires careful attention. One key aspect that demands your focus is the Annual Confirmation Statement, an essential requirement in line with UK accounting guidelines. In this blog post, we’ll break down the what, why, and how of Annual Confirmation Statements to ensure you stay compliant and informed.

What is an Annual Confirmation Statement?

The Annual Confirmation Statement is a mandatory filing that all UK companies, regardless of size, must submit to Companies House. Formerly known as the Annual Return, this statement serves as a snapshot of your company’s essential information, such as its registered office address, details of directors and company secretary (if applicable), and share capital.What Does It Mean To Be a Shareholder?

Why is it Important?

Fulfilling your obligation to file an Annual Confirmation Statement isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s a fundamental aspect of maintaining accurate and up-to-date company records. This information contributes to the transparency and credibility of your business, both internally and externally. Staying compliant with this requirement demonstrates your commitment to adhering to UK accounting guidelines and maintaining good corporate governance.

Key Elements of an Annual Confirmation Statement:

  1. Registered Office Address: Ensure the accuracy of your registered office address. This is where official documents and legal correspondence will be sent.
  2. Details of Directors and Company Secretary: Provide the names, addresses, and any changes to your company’s directors and company secretary (if applicable).
  3. Share Capital: Confirm the number of shares issued, their nominal value, and any changes that occurred during the year.
  4. SIC Codes: Include the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that best represent your business activities.
  5. Persons of Significant Control (PSCs): Disclose information about individuals or entities that have significant influence or control over your company.

Important Notes:

  • The Annual Confirmation Statement is not the same as your annual accounts. While they serve different purposes, both are crucial for legal compliance.
  • Failing to file your Annual Confirmation Statement on time can result in penalties or even the potential dissolution of your company.


Navigating the requirements of Annual Confirmation Statements might seem like just another task on your already full plate, but it’s a vital one. Compliance with UK accounting guidelines ensures that your business maintains its credibility and integrity in the eyes of stakeholders, regulators, and customers alike. By understanding the what, why, and how of Annual Confirmation Statements, you’re taking a proactive step toward the continued success of your small business in the UK.

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