Payroll Box

Payroll Box


Small business payroll services

We provide easy to use payroll services specifically designed for small business owners. Our packages start with sole director payroll packages for 1 person.  We provide payroll to employers with up to 250 employees.

RTI Payslips prepared and filed:

  • Monthly payroll
  • Weekly payroll

We provide payslips for your employees showing gross and net salary along with authorised deductions including pension deductions.

Authorised agents

We can act as your authorised managed agent enabling us to access your employer Government gateway filing HMRC Real Time Information (RTI).

We deal with HMRC on payroll matters such as employer registration.

We are able to calculate the employer and employee tax payable and NI contributions.

We are able to support CIS contractors and sub-contractors.

Bolt on services

Bolt on services include holiday calendar management.

Pension auto enrolment

NEST authorised administrator agents. We can manage employers who have a NEST pension fund. Including calculating employer and employee pension deductions.

Pension auto enrolment free guidance for all payroll clients. The guidance includes:

  1. Pre staging date
  2. At staging date
  3. Post staging date

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