Referral Offer

Referral Offer

Refer a friend/relative and get £100 off your services with Helpbox

In 2024 we have introduced our Helpbox referral offer, if you refer a friend/relative/colleague who takes up accountancy services with Helpbox we will give you a discount on your accounting fees with Helpbox.

How does it work?

  1. Refer us to a friend/relative/colleague
  2. Let us know by filling in our referral form
  3. We will contact them on the details provided to discuss their requirements (it’s always a free and no obligation conversation)
  4. If they sign up for our accounting services, we will apply the discount directly to your Helpbox Fees:
    1. Limited Company – £100 off your Helpbox Fees
    2. Individuals/Sole Traders – £25 off your Helpbox Fees

This offer is unlimited and you could have your accounting services free of charge!

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