Tax Investigation Accountancy Fee Protection Scheme (TIS)

Tax Investigation Accountancy Fee Protection Scheme (TIS)


Any UK taxpayer can be randomly selected for a tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Tax investigations often last up to two years, cause untold disruption to day to day life and require thousands of pounds of professional representation from an expert to answer the tax inspector’s questions and negotiate the best possible result for you.

The TIS members scheme provides benefits to the members of up to £75,000 of professional representation from a Tax Defence consultant to defend you in the event of a tax dispute.

With TIS your case can be handled by a ex-HMRC tax and VAT inspectors, Tax Defence consultant. So they understand exactly how to fight HMRC and the tactics that the taxman will use. You’ll benefit from complete peace of mind that we’ll fight your corner and negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Tax Defence – for businesses and personal taxpayers

  1. Whether you are in business or a private individual, our premiums are tailored to suit your specific needs. HMRC can conduct a range of different types of enquiries and Tax Defence is designed to offer you complete protection including:
    • Income Tax, Full and Aspect Enquiries.
    • Corporation Tax, Full and Aspect Enquiries.
    • IR35 Disputes.
    • Employer Compliance Disputes.
    • VAT Disputes.
    • Schedule 36 Pre Disputes including:
      • VAT and PAYE Compliance visits.
      • Interventions / Business Record Checks.
      • Real Time Record reviews.



    Business cover is suitable for all types of businesses – companies, partnerships and sole traders.

    Private individuals

    Personal cover is suitable for private individuals for enquiries relating to personal, rent or investment income.

    Peace of mind including:

    • Expert representation in the event of an enquiry
    • Confidence that you will not need to concede for financial reasons
    • The ability to fight the HMRC on an equal basis
    • Access to expert tax and VAT advice lines


    The above information is regularly updated based upon changes to legislation therefore, it shouldn’t be relied upon. In order to obtain accurate up-to-date details of the TIS members benefits please contact us on 023 9238 8003.


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